projects in development

ES BALOK documentary

Estimated release in 2023

The working men of a small cooling-ice factory on Java Indonesia, are being followed during producing and distributing the ice. one night and one day, While they drive, slide, push and pull the ice-blocks to final destinations such as market, harbour and food stalls, the men are remarkable in their silence and calm endurance. As ice melts, this way of making ice will soon vanish as well. Other more modern ways are taking over. No longer will the Dutch machinery once imported into formerly Dutch Indies (because of) by the Dutch in Indonesia, be used for making ice.

ICE\IJS book

Estimated publication in 2023 | pre-order

Ice, the book, ingeniously designed by graphical designer Lies Ros with a preface of Tijs Goldschmidt (winner P.C. Hooft-prijs 2023), contains about 34 small texts and circa 35 fascinating historical photographs that tell about the incredible worldwide history of the ice trade. As well as in form and story, the book is clear as ice. It covers the period from natural ice trade to industrial-made ice in which it connected people worldwide, from America to India, Norway to The Netherlands and Indonesia.